Whether you have lost your beloved pet or your have found stray animal the AWL is here to help.

Please choose from the following options:

Whether you have lost your beloved pet or your have found stray animal the AWL is here to help.

Please choose from the following options:


The decision to adopt a new family pet should not be taken lightly and deserves considerable thought and discussion prior to an actual adoption.  Adoption should be undertaken with a long term strategy and plan in mind. The AWL Shelter staff are always happy to assist with advice and understanding so through those first few weeks always feel free to contact us for assistance.

When you surrender a pet to the AWL you sign legal ownership over to the AWL. We do not release any information about the animal once it is signed over to the AWL. Once an animal becomes the property of the AWL the animal will be assessed and processed in accordance with AWL policies and procedures. The AWL does everything we can to re home physically and psychologically healthy animals into appropriate homes.

In most cases it is not in the best interest of the animal to be returned to the surrendering owner. We expect that you have considered all of the alternative options prior to surrender with the assistance of the AWL staff therefore in most instances it is not considered appropriate to reclaim the relinquished pet.

A microchip is a form of permanent identification however it is only as accurate as the information kept in the central database. If you move or the animal changes ownership, please ensure the microchip details are amended accordingly.

Please note: The South Australia Dog & Cat Management Act states that if an animal is microchipped to one person and registered with a current council registration tag to another person, the council registered owner is the legal owner.


A stray animal that is brought to us is cared for by the AWL and every attempt to return the animal to its legal owner is fulfilled. We will not release any information about the animal or the owner once it is in the care of the AWL.

If you adopt a new pet from us and it just does not work out even after considerable assistance from us, please return the pet to us at the AWL. You will be entitled to apply for a refund. These refund applications are then assessed by Senior Management.

Yes, we have a comprehensive microchip scanning protocol as set out in the AWLSA internal procedures and protocols manual.

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The adoption fee for an animal helps to cover the costs involved in the services we provide for that animal.  

The true cost of adoption...


  • Shelter care (per week) - $245
  • Desexing - $365
  • Micro-chip - $40
  • Flea Treatment - $20
  • Vet check - $66
  • Vaccinations - $75
  • Environmental enrichment (per week) - $245

Average cost to rehome one dog - $1056



  • Shelter Care (per week) - $245
  • Desexing - $150
  • Worming - $20
  • Microchip - $40
  • Flea Treatment - $20
  • Vaccinations - $75
  • Vet check - $66
  • Environmental enrichment (per week) - $140

Average cost to rehome one cat - $756

Prices vary depending on the pet please see each of the pet profiles for an individual pets adoption price or visit one of the adoption centres for more details.

Prices are always inclusive of:

  • Desexing
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention
  • Health checking
  • Grooming
  • Behavourial assessment


Do your adoption animals have a time limit in the adoption rows?


The AWL does not impose a time limit on any of the animals that are available for adoption. They are in our care until we find the right home for them, no matter how long that takes.

For the unlucky pets that remain here for longer periods of time we have various programs to promote their availability to the public such as social media, newspaper and radio advertising.

The AWL does not participate in door to door donation collections.

Sadly every now and then people take advantage of other people’s generosity towards animals in need. 

Our supporters need to be aware that at no time does the AWL conduct door to door collections. If you are approached by someone at your home or business please contact us immediately on 8348 1300 or the police on 131 444.

If you do wish to make a donation to the lifesaving work we do here at the AWL please make a donation HERE or call 8348 1300.