Since 1964, Animal Welfare League (AWL) has been creating happy homes for stray and abandoned animals, including pets whose owners can no longer properly care for them.

We reunite lost dogs and cats with their human family, provide temporary shelter through our foster care program and support thousands of responsible owners by boarding their pets.

For those grieving the loss of a faithful companion, our cremation and memorial team offers ways to say goodbye and celebrate the joy their pet brought to their lives.

AWL operates a a new Animal Care Centre at Wingfield including a vet clinic, dog and cat adoption hub, and boarding centre. We have a state-of-the art pet crematorium and provide a lost dog pound for several councils at Edinburgh North. 

By becoming a part of the AWL family, you'll be helping to rehabilitate and rehome lost and abandoned animals from across South Australia, and you'll be be a part of a best-practice team.

Please check back here regularly for further employment opportunities.

Current opportunities

Veterinary Nurse

Volunteering at the AWL helps to provide care, food, medical attention, training and shelter to thousands of animals in need.

The AWL offer a range of volunteer roles which provide valuable experience and development opportunities.