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Our BFF: Best Fur Friends Workshop caters for different year levels and abilities; and is suitable for single class groups.  Our Workshop has been designed to link to the Australian Curriculum, DECD Learners Wellbeing Framework and the Early Years Framework. 

All friends need our love and care and so do our fur friends.  In this workshop students, will learn about the needs of companion animals and how they can care for these needs. 

Each session is structured according to the learning needs of the students and in consultation with the classroom teacher.

Invite your whole school as we can spend a day or two with you and speak to every class

Location: AWL Pet Education Specialist will visit your school

Fees: $4.00 per student

Duration: approx 1 hour

Other Details

  1. Maximum of 1 class per session
  2. A minimum of two sessions

Inclusions: Each student receives a take home pack

Education & Awareness Booking Form

The AWL is here for the thousands of animals who find themselves lost, abandoned or surrendered each year

Ultimately it would be good if all animals had loving, safe and caring homes so they did not find themselves having to be at the AWL. 

A key to reducing the number of animals who visit our shelters each year is through education & awareness. 

Our presentations involve the Pet Education Specialist visiting you to talk about the AWL.  The presentation includes:

  • The purpose and goals of the AWL
  • Our history
  • Our top 5 messages
  • How we look after lost, abandoned and surrendered animals
  • How we prepare animals for adoption
  • How we support and help pet owners


Location: AWL Pet Education Specialist will visit you

Fees: $100.00 per presentation 
         (Discount applies for multiple same day presentations)

Number: suits large groups

Duration: approx 1 hour

Education & Awareness Booking Form