Dog and Cat Management Amendment Bill

After months of lobbying, changes, reviews and community consultations, the long-overdue Dog and Cat Management Amendment Bill has been passed in SA Parliament.

The Bill was put forward by Minister Ian Hunter and supported by South Australian Animal Welfare Groups, like the AWL, to improve the welfare of cats and dogs with the introduction of new laws for pet owners and breeders.

Now that the Bill has passed, the positive changes to improve the welfare of the cats and dogs in our state can go ahead.

What does it mean?

The passing of the Dog and Cat Management Amendment Bill will see all future dogs and cats microchipped and desexed as part of a mandatory law, with some exceptions for registered breeders and working dogs etc.

These mandatory regulations are to monitor registered breeders, highlight backyard breeders and make them accountable, reduce the number of unwanted litters, encourage responsible pet ownership, help keep cats and dogs safe and identified as well as helping to quickly and effectively reunite any lost animals with their owners.

How will it affect me?

The Bill’s regulations relating to the mandatory desexing and microchipping of cats and dogs are only legally enforceable to all FUTURE dogs and cats. However it is strongly recommended to have all pets desexed and microchipped.

What do I do if I am unsure about what this all means?

For more information on the Dog and Cat Management Amendment Bill visit Dog and Cat Management Board