Reasons to Confine Your Cat

  • It cannot get lost
  • It cannot get run over
  • It cannot annoy your neighbours and cause destructive neighbourhood relationships
  • It reduces the chance of getting involved in fights with other cats or dogs; therefore vet bills are reduced
  • There is less chance of picking up diseases from other cats, especially strays, such as feline aids or feline enteritis
  • It cannot be trapped and taken to a shelter as a 'stray' by annoyed neighbours.
  • Indoor cats are generally cleaner than outside cats, therefore they require less grooming.
  • There is a smaller chance of it picking up parasites such as fleas and worms.
  • Confined cats cannot kill native fauna or other animals
  • Inside cats tend to be more placid and relate better to owners, giving more affection

Your cat can live a long, healthy and happy life completely indoors provided you supply them with:

  • A litter tray per cat that is cleaned out daily
  • Clean fresh water
  • Nutritionally balanced commercial cat food
  • At least one Scratch Pole
  • A few cat toys. See 'Boredom Busters'
  • A Sunny window sill or two to watch the world go by
  • Your love and attention