Stray Cats

Trapping Stray Cats

Trapped stray cats can be dangerous to handle. They will be nervous and aggressive and can inflict serious injuries with teeth and claws. Bite wounds often result in serious infections and should be treated by a doctor.

The following notes will assist you with safe capture of stray cats:

  1. Hire A Cage from the AWL Edinburgh North or Wingfield
  2. Your wil be required to pay a $50 trapping cage deposit. This is paid up front and is for one week’s hire deposit only.
  3. Once you return the trapping cage you will receive a $30 refund (with or without cat brought to the AWL).
  4. If you need to bring in more than 2 cats within the week you will be charged a $10 cleaning fee per cat (eg cat 3
  5. Floor traps and trapping cages are available


Please note:

  1. Humane traps must be left where the sun won’t hit the trapped animal at any time
  2. when transporting cover the trap and transport to the shelter inside your vehicle. It is ILLEGAL to put animals in the boot of your car.
  3. It is important to note that in accordance with legislation (Dog & Cat Management Act 1995) cats that are identified with either a tagged collar or a microchip as indicated by a tattoo in the ear and are trapped within 1 km of a bona fide residence, must be released. Further details regarding this legislation can be obtained by contacting the Department of Environment & Heritage.



  • It must be less than 45cm wide
  • It must have a quick release catch (ie the flap not wired or screwed shut)
  • Inappropriate boxes pose a safety risk to our staff (ie Eskies, large bird cages and wooden cupboards)