Stray Cats

Stray Cats

South Australia is facing a major over-population challenge of unowned cats, however, not all stray cats are unowned, some may be owned or semi-owned. Please call your local council for support and to seek advice.

What do I do about the stray cat or cats that I have around my property?

  • Contact your local Council for assistance and support.
  • Check if the cat is wearing any identification.  The definition of ‘identified’ in the Dog & Cat Management Act includes animals that are microchipped. Only unidentified cats can be caught (seized). 
    NOTE: Section 79 of the Dog & Cat Management Act stipulates that it is an offence to interfere with cat identification, max penalty is $5000.
  • If the cat is not wearing identification, it's still very possible that the cat is owned. Use an AWL paper cat collar to find out more about the cat's ownership status.

AWL Paper Cat Collars

The ALW Paper Cat Collars have been developed to create better outcomes for cats in our communities. Read more about the collars and download the template by clicking the buttons below. 

Paper Cat Collars Info Sheet  Download Paper Cat Collars

Before trapping or removing a cat

Before trapping or removing a cat, please explore alternative animal welfare solutions. Firstly ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this cat bothering me or my community?
  2. Is this cat in reasonable health, seems spritely, isn’t too thin?
  3. Do I actually need to remove this cat from this environment?
  4. Am I absolutely positive that no one is actually ‘looking after’ this cat?