Puppy Hints

Escaping Puppies

Puppies do escape, make sure you fit a collar with identification on your puppy as soon as you get it home. Have your puppy microchipped ASAP. It is important to check that your house and yard are secure and puppy proof.


Puppies need worming every two weeks until they are three months old. They grow very quickly, so remember to re-weigh them before each worming.


Begin training your puppy as soon as it gets home. Start with something simple like 'sit' and use food rewards for encouragement.


Use food for a reward when training, the dog will respond faster. See 'Positive Reinforcement, Why It Works'


It is far better to give your puppy small meals often, rather than one big meal each day. It is important that they are provided with good quality puppy food to ensure good health and to give them a good start to life.

Puppy Proofing

Puppy proof your house and yard, making sure that objects which could pose a danger are removed, and objects that you don’t want destroyed are out of reach.


Puppies become bored very easily. Make sure they have plenty of toys, changing them every day to ensure they don’t become bored with them too!


If your puppy likes to dig (and most dogs do), give him a digging pit to play in.


If you let your children play rough with the puppy, the puppy will think the child is another pup and will most likely bite. What is a cute habit when they are small will soon become a problem as the grow older. See 'Puppy Mouthing/Chewing'

Immediate contact

Avoid greeting your puppy immediately on arrival home and do not make a big deal about leaving. This will ensure your puppy is relaxed and independent, and will avoid separation anxiety.


Enrol your puppy in a puppy pre-school. This will help your puppy to socialise with other pups and possibly avoid dog aggression later in life. See our 'Puppy Pre School section'