Extreme Weather

When extreme weather is forecast in South Australia, the Animal Welfare League is reminding pet owners to be extremely aware of their pets safety and security needs.

During periods of severe weather, the AWL receives a 50% increase in the number of pets that are brought in with many frightened by the extreme conditions.

The AWL recommends pet owners check the following points:

  • Ensure your yard and fences are secure and escape-proof.
  • Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification - a collar and identity tag with your name and phone number will help with a speedy reunion.
  • If possible, keep your pets inside in a secure area with water and a warm bed. This will provide a level of comfort and make it safer for your pet.
  • Ensure your pets are micro-chipped so they can be easily identified and the AWL can immediately contact you in the event of an escape.
  • For dogs, ensure they are registered with your local Council.

If your dog or cat goes missing as a result of the wild weather, contact your local council and the AWL immediately on 8348 1300.

If your pet goes missing click here