Fireworks and Pet's - Hints and Tips

Most dogs find fireworks EXTREMELY terrifying and can become very distressed which is upsetting for both them and their owner. Please ensure that you:

  • Keep all pets inside in an area away from large windows or glassed areas
  • Keep them in an area such as your laundry (that you have dog proofed) with their bedding, toys to comfort and play the radio to distract them from the fireworks
  • Check your yard is escape proof and your gates are locked
  • Check your pet has access to a safe area and ask neighbours to check on them
  • Ask your vet for anti-anxiety medication if your pet becomes extremely distressed during fireworks and loud noises.

Please also take a moment today to check that your pet has up to date identification on their collar and that their micro-chip has your current details in case they do escape.

New Year’s Day is our busiest day of the year so if you pet does go missing, please:

  • Contact the AWL on 8348 1300 and other local Shelters.
  • Submit a lost pet report here
  • Contact local vets
  • Contact your local council
  • Take a walk around your neighbourhood and check with neighbours for any sightings
  • Visit the AWL as you will be the best person to identify your pet
  • Drop flyers with your pets picture around your neighbourhood to alert neighbours about your missing pet