Getting pets ready for your return to work

The end of holidays means one thing to our pets – less quality time with their humans. But, it doesn't have to be a sad or worrisome time. Simply preparing our pets to spend more time alone can make a world of difference to their comfort.

The earlier you start getting Fluffy ready to be home alone again, the easier they'll find whiling away the hours without you.

Tips to prepare your pet for your return to work

Practice spending time apart from your pet

Give your pets a yummy, interactive, toy to play with in a safe area and leave them alone for a small amount of time while they do this activity. Once your pet is used to this, you can start increasing the amount of time you're away from them. However, make sure you come back before they start showing any signs of distress.


Practice your routine

Before you go back to work, start practising what your routine will be, so your pets can adjust. For example, set your alarm, get your keys, feed your pet breakfast and then leave the house.


Play comforting sounds

Your pets have gotten used to hearing you home all day, so before leaving the house, turn on a radio or TV so they'll have comforting sounds to listen to while you're away.


Keep exercising

Once you have gone back to work, make sure you're keeping up your pet's exercise regime. Keep walking, running and training. Exercising your pets before we leave can be a great way to use up some energy and help them sleep while you're away.


Interactive toys

Give your pets lots of different interactive treats and toys to keep their brains busy. Remember to give high value treats in enrichment toys when you leave the house, this will give them something exciting to do while you're gone.