Going Away?

Things to remember if you are going away

Leaving your pet with friends

Before you leave, buy a temporary tag to place on your pet's collar with your friend's address and contact number. A simple luggage tag is a good idea for this. It means that if something happens and you are uncontactable, someone near and dear to you and your pet will be able to be called and contacted. 

It is always important to leave your pet with someone that they trust and feel comfortable around - not a complete stranger. We recommend asking family, close friends or if just for checking in on the pet, even your next door neighbour.

Contact details

Make sure that you are contactable in case your pet ends up at a pound. Many cases occur where pets are left with friends and nothing is done by these friends when the pet gets out. If your pet is microchipped make sure your alternative contact details registered with the animal records centre are up to date.

Booking in boarding

Are you thinking about booking your pet in for boarding? If the answer is 'yes' it is important that you book in ASAP. Bookings fill up fast for long weekends, public holidays and during holiday seasons like Christmas. 

Find out more about the AWL Boarding Centre

Helpful hints to remember

Whether you are going away for a night or a week, it is always important that you ensure that your animals are safe, secure, cared for, have access to clean, fresh and re-filled water and food.