Pets in COVID-19

With Coronavirus updates coming through every other minute, keeping track can get a little confusing. So, here are some simple tips and facts about COVID-19 and your pets.

Can pets transmit COVID-19 to humans?

No. Whilst there have been a handful of cases across the world where animals have become infected with Covid-19, there is no current scientific evidence that those animals have transmitted Covid-19 to humans. In fact, it is the humans that have transmitted it to them.

However; pets can carry COVID-19 on their fur, and it’s vital that you always wash your hands before and after handling pets. If a person with Covid-19 was to handle your pet, they could transfer Covid-19 onto your pets’ fur, which you could then pick up.

Please remember that your pet is a part of your family and needs the same love and care they would usually receive.

Am I supposed to socially distance from my pet?

No, the same as any other person that you live with, your pet is considered a member of your household. Please keep giving your pet the love, care and safety they need.

However, if you or a family member are diagnosed with Covid-19, you/they should also self-isolate from your pets.

Here are some tips to safeguard you and your pet:

  • Wash your hands before and after handling your pet.
  • Prevent people from outside your household from patting your pet.
  • Prevent your pet from interacting with other people.
  • Don’t pat other people’s pets.

Should I pat other people’s pets?

No. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to keep 1.5m from other people’s pets.

Please always wash your hands before and after handling animals.

Can I still walk my pet?

Yes, if you are feeling well and are not in self-isolation, please do. Walking our pets is good for both us and our pets; it will give you both something fun to do outside of the house and can help to relieve stress.

Make sure to keep 1.5m between yourself and others when walking, and adhere to all rules on social gatherings.

Note: If you are in self-isolation you must not leave your home, not even to walk your pet. You cannot have visitors, and you cannot have someone else walk your pet.

Can I walk my pet If I’m self-isolating?

No. If you are in self-isolation, you must not leave your home, not even to walk your pet. You cannot have visitors, and you cannot have someone else walk your pet.

Instead, try doing some at-home activities like training, playing with interactive toys and playing in your own home. Read our ideas here.

Is now a good time to adopt?

Yes; if you are feeling well, are not socially distancing, and have previously considered all of the requirements of pet ownership, now may be a great time to adopt.

More time at home means more time to help your new pet to settle in, so it might be the paw-fect time to adopt. However, there are some essential points to consider before taking Fluffy home.

Have you considered:

  • How will this pet fit into your home in normal circumstances?
    Everyone’s homes and lifestyles are different. Please call our expert team on 8348 1300 who can help you figure out the type of pet best suited to your home.

  • The cost of pet ownership?
    Adopting means your pet is already microchipped, vaccinated, health check, behaviour check and parasite treated for worms and fleas, so that will save on up-front costs. But, pets cost money to feed, groom, care for and medicate. Make sure you’ve got a plan in place for your new pet.
  • Will your resident pet like a new brother or sister?
    Your resident pet is your first priority. Call our team on 8348 1300 to discuss your pet’s personality and how to help them adjust to sharing their home.
  • What goes into owning a pet?
    The basics of responsible pet ownership include:
         - Feeding;
         - Microchipping;
         - Desexing;
         - Training;
         - Grooming;
         - Giving walks, entertainment and enrichment daily;
         - Keeping all pets contained in a safe home or yard;
         - Vet care;
         - Vaccinations;
         - Council registration; and,
         - Regular worming and flea treatments.