Your new Rabbit

Things to consider...

  • Please go straight home after adopting your rabbit
  • The AWL recommend that rabbits are kept indoors as members of the family rather than confined to a hutch in the backyard
  • Confine your new rabbit to its own space for at least a week to minimise the stress and confusion of being in a new home
  • Your rabbits booster vaccination shot is due 1 month after the 1st shot (after this, the vaccination is done every six months by your local vet)
  • Maintain monthly flea treatment
  • Provide access to fresh and clean water at all times, preferably out of a dish rather than a sippy bottle
  • Provide constant access to hay at all times – this is the predominant component of your rabbits diet
  • Feed a pelleted diet rather than a muesli mix – these are not good for your rabbit
  • Ensure your rabbit gets fresh produce every day
  • Make sure your rabbit has lots of toys and enrichment items – rabbits dig and chew naturally so ensure they have appropriate ways to express this behaviour
  • Ensure your house is bunny proofed!
  • Keep your MICROCHIP DETAILS up to date - Find out more about microchipping