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It was a bitterly cold night when Juliet was found wandering the streets. She was underweight, covered in dirt and her coat was badly matted – she was clearly in need of help.

When she first arrived at our shelter, Juliet was nervous and scared. The team gave her some food, a warm bed and trimmed her matted tail – it seemed like the first kind thing that anyone had done for this lost and lonely dog.

During Juliet’s health check, our vet team noticed that she had severe dental disease, a cyst on her eyelid, and stiffness in her back legs. This poor little dog would need surgery before she could be rehomed. But when Juliet was put under anaesthetic for her surgery, the vet team were shocked by what they found...

Dr Bryan, our head vet at AWL, said “Juliet’s teeth were far worse than what we could see when she was conscious. We needed to remove all of her diseased teeth - if we left them in, she could go on to develop tooth infections, abscesses, bone damage and even organ damage! Some of her teeth were so rotten that they fell out when I moved them.”

Without dental surgery, Juliet would be in constant pain and discomfort, and more worryingly, at serious risk of developing other health issues. But we were determined to give Juliet the second chance she deserved.

Juliet's teeth were much worse than anyone expected.

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Dr Bryan, our head vet, said Juliet’s dental disease was so severe that he had to remove nineteen of her forty-two teeth! And that wasn’t the end of her troubles…

While Juliet was under anaesthetic, Dr Bryan found numerous grass seeds lodged in her ear canals. This was very concerning because if they’re left untreated, grass seeds can cause ear infections, ruptured eardrums and significant pain. The team ended up removing a total of seven grass seeds from Juliet’s ears! Lastly, Dr Bryan and the team needed to surgically remove the cyst from Juliet’s eyelid; it was rubbing on her cornea and causing a significant amount of discomfort.

This poor little dog was in such bad condition - what we expected to be a standard dental procedure, turned into a gruelling three-hour surgery!

In the past year, over 1,600 stray, lost and abandoned dogs have been brought in to AWL. Like Juliet, many of them have been on the streets and need extensive vet care before we can find them a loving new family.

Without the proper vet treatment and care, there’s always the chance that dogs like Juliet wouldn’t survive. This treatment can take a great deal of time and resources, but we want to make sure that every dog gets the care and treatment they need, no matter what. As AWL gets no government funding, we rely on donations from generous members of the community to help vulnerable cats and dogs.

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