Pet Reading Buddy

Where: AWL Wingfield Shelter - 1-19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield SA 5013 Price: $15.00

Upcoming sessions:
Wednesday 3rd  October      9.30am to 12pm
Friday 5th October               9.30am to 12pm
Thursday 11th October        9.30am to 12pm
Friday 12th October             9.30am to 12pm

Does your child love reading or need more practice?

Whether children love to read or find it difficult, Pet Reading Buddy gives kids the chance to read aloud in a critique-free environment; PLUS they can have fun sounding out their words, practising intonation and telling stories to a friendly and willing audience (CATS!).

With a therapeutic and calming presence, pets can give your child the confidence they need to not only improve their reading, but to even enjoy getting lost in a story.  There are countless examples of animals/therapy pets helping children to improve their social and learning skills and now the AWL want to help too!

With a shelter full of animals who're craving attention the AWL have the perfect audience to help your child in becoming a confident and happy reader.

Pet Reading Buddy is for ages 8 to 17 and runs during the school holidays. 


  • Location: AWL Wingfield Shelter
  • 2.5-hour session
  • Children will read to cats only
  • Minimum of 5 participants - maximum of 10 participants 
  • Fee:  $15.00 per participant  
  • Participants to bring their own books.
  • The session will also include a guided, behind the scenes tour of the AWL Wingfield Shelter, plus time for children to learn about responsible pet ownership
  • Participants must have completed and returned the Pet Reading Buddy Registration Form a miminum of 1x week prior to the session

How to register:

Step 1: Download the Pet Reading Buddy registration form
Step 2: Book and pay online
Step 3: Return Pet Reading Buddy registration form via email: or via mail: 1-19 Cormack Rd, Wingfield, SA 5013

Registration Form

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