Cat Cremation

Your Cat is Special

Your beautiful cat has characteristics that you will remember for your lifetime. The funny or quirky things that makes them so special and gives you precious memories are important to us too. We will always honour and respect these memories.

When you entrust a Vet and the AWL with your beloved cat, you can be assured that every step of the way, they will be loved and cared for until they return to their final resting place with you.

All private cremations are conducted in a single chamber unit and when the ashes are returned to you, they are accompanied by a Certificate of Cremation to guarantee that they are the complete ashes of your beloved pet. If you wish to be by their side to say your hearfelt goodbye, the AWL can offer you the very personal experience of having a private viewing of your pet's cremation.

Through Loss Comes Hope

By choosing a Vet who uses the AWL Pet Cremations Service, your beloved cat will be providing a lasting tribute to animals living in our Shelters. Every dollar generated by the AWL Pet Cremations Service goes back into ensuring other pets have the opportunity to be adopted and loved just like your cat.