Why use such a service?

Your companion has provided you with unwavering and unconditional love for as long as they were in your family. We know how important it is to ensure their memory is honoured; so when you entrust the Animal Welfare League (AWL) with your beloved pet you can be assured that every step of the way, they will be loved and cared for until they return to their final resting place with you.

The caring and compassionate team at the AWL have a deep, heartfelt dedication and commitment to care for all animals. When the time comes and your pet passes, we will share these values as we ensure a dignified and fitting tribute to the end of your time together.

Will it be my pet's ashes coming back to me?

Yes. With more than 40 years experience the AWL understands the importance of accountable, transparent business practices. Our single chamber cremation units suitable for animals of all sizes, including horses, and a carefully monitored tracking system ensures that each animal is given the individual attention that you would expect. AWL will cremate your beloved animal friend with dignity right here in South Australia using the most advanced technology available. Our processes meet all local government legislation and are environmentally friendly.

How long is it going to take/when will I get my ashes back?

AWL has prided itself on a maximum 3 (business) day turn around from the time we pick up from you or your local Vet clinic. We also offer a same day service if requested.

Do all vet clinics support the AWL through this service?

Please ask your vet if they use the AWL for Pet Cremation. By choosing a Vet who uses the AWL Pet Cremations Service, your beloved pet will be providing a lasting tribute to animals living in our Shelters. Every dollar generated from Vets using the AWL Pet Cremations Service goes back into ensuring other pets have the opportunity to be adopted and loved just like your pet.