Our Team

Our caring and compassionate team at the Animal Welfare League have a deep, heartfelt dedication and commitment to care for all animals with dignity and respect.

When the time comes and your pet passes away, we will share these values as we ensure a dignified and fitting tribute to the end of their life.

Our trusted and professional AWL team are always there to help in any way, to ensure no detail is left to chance, because we understand just how important your pet was to your life.

Ashlea Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Kevin - Pony
  • Gilbert - Dog
  • Boo Boo - Cat
  • Cocky - Galah
  • Kiki - Cockatiel
  • Booger - Sheep
  • Salena Goatmez - Goat
  • Finn and Mia - Horses

I spend all of my spare time with my horses and pets, and have been an avid horse rider for the past 18 years. My family enjoys spending our time together and we will happily while the hours away relaxing on the couch with our pets, or having a good night with our friends.

Bronwyn Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Maggie - Dog
  • Dusty - Dog
  • Pudding, Nugget and Hallie - Cats
  • Loui - Guinea Pig
  • Bruce - Pigeon
  • Kylo Hen and Henrietta - Chickens

I love all kind of animals, whether they are two legged or four legged, I just can’t resist fostering or caring for our furred, feathered and scaled friends. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and eating delicious food!

Carlitos Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Jasper - Spider

I recently volunteered overseas in Laos at the Elephant Conservation Centre in the Sayaboury Province which was a life-changing experience. Outside of work, I enjoy going to gym and keeping fit.

Christopher Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Kira - Dog

In my spare time I enjoy seeing my friends and having a laugh. Whether we’re going out for drives or just having spontaneous fun, I always try to keep things light.

David Operations Coordinator


  • Currently looking to adopt my first pet from the AWL

I’m currently looking for my first pet and hope to have a family of dogs in the future. In my spare time I enjoy playing all kinds of sports whether it be basketball, football or golf. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for the support of my family, friends and the AWL team.

Joseph Crematorium Operator


  • Sasha - Dog
  • Skye - Cat

I love being in the presence of family and friends, Sasha and Skye included. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies as well as some anime, and listening to music. If I have some time left and the weather permits, I enjoy getting on my motorbike and going for a ride, or playing my guitar.

Natalie Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Arya, Snow and Monty - Dogs
  • Porknuckle - Galah
  • Birds, Lizards, Fish, Cats and Rabbits

I love working with and training animals. Arya my border collie has been trained in search & rescue obedience and Porknuckle has learnt many tricks in the hopes to help people that are in need of some animal love. In my spare time, I enjoy attending sporting events with my family.

Sam Cremations Administrator Officer


  • Fidget and Ruby - Dogs
  • Possum, Belle, Snowy, Ging, Timmy, Popeye and Skitty - Cats
  • Basse and Casserole - Sheep
  • Snappy - Turtle
  • Clawed - Shrimp
  • Many Fish and Cockatiels

I love spending time with my family & friends, including my furred, feathered, scaled & fleeced family. I am very involved in both the coaching and playing at my local hockey club and am dedicated to my team and sport.

Shayne Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Diesel - Dogs
  • Sox and Pita - Cats

I would be lost without my family, pets and friends. I love being an entertainer, whether it’s dressing up as Freddy Mercury at a staff Christmas party, or just generally being there for people when they need. In my downtime I enjoy watching any sport, especially cricket, or reading one of my thousands of books.

Susan Cremations Administrator Officer


  • Pippa - Dog
  • Charlie - Dog (Charlie recently passed away and has left a paw-shaped hole in Susan’s heart. Rest in peace, Charlie.)

Animals mean the world to me, having recently lost Charlie who I adopted years ago at the AWL, I am currently bossed around by my little Pippa. While she’s very little, she’s also very sooky and she relishes waking me up in the middle of the night, just to find her right spot in the bed. When I’m at home, I enjoy a nice glass of wine on the weekend while reading or watching a movie.

Tracey Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Jasmine - Dog

Outside of my love for work, I enjoy spending time in the garden or sitting back to read a good book. I also love traveling and adventuring, especially camping in the outback with my partner.

Zena Cremations Collections Services Officer


  • Pia, Storm and Mojo - Cats
  • Nacho, Itchy, Kiki, Daddy Grey, Bully, Raven, Toffee, Icy, Salem, Sabbath, Chopper, Austin and Spunky - Birds

My family means the world to me, they keep me strong, and also on my toes. When I do get some alone time I love using my imagination to make sculptures from wood.