Memorial Services

Memorial services allow us to grieve the passing of family, celebrate their life and find closure.

We can refer you to an experienced funeral celebrant to help you say goodbye to your cherished friend.


Saying goodbye to something you love often defies words and many a heart has been broken over the loss of a beloved animal companion. But, loss is as much a part of life as life itself and sooner or later, that cherished animal companion will die, either as a result of an accident, illness or age.

It is important to give some thought to the process of compassionate passing and euthanasia, so you can make the best choices for your beloved pet when the time comes.

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AWL can arrange for grief counsellors to help you and your family during this time of loss.

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Grief and Loss

Cremation Viewing

If you wish to be by their side to say your heartfelt goodbye, AWL can offer you the very personal experience of having a private viewing of your pet's cremation.

For more information on a private cremation viewing please contact us.

Home Collection

For your convenience during this challenging time, we can offer you a personalised home collection service seven days a week.  


We understand that the unexpected passing, and associated expenses of your pet can be stressful. VetPay is specifically designed to help owners pay for pet  services without the worry of paying up front, by creating an affordable payment plan. Pet owners may apply online, then once approved, VetPay will set up a payment plan and debit your bank account, giving you peace of mind so we can provide a deserving memorial service for your pets. Terms and conditions apply.

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