'My name is Russell, on behalf of my family; wife Kathryn, Son Blake and Daughter Mikaela we would all like to thankyou the people of the AWLSA for the Ashes, Snippet of Fur, Card, Letter & Frame for our Bichon Mia whom you cremated on June 26th and prepared & arranged for her return to us yesterday.

We are most appreciative of the professional effort that went into this, we were not expecting such a beautiful arrangement which now sits proudly in our Lounge Room where Mia spent a lot of happy moments with us.

We obviously miss her dearly and constantly think of her, the quick response by you people at the AWL in returning her ashes to us has helped us immensely as she is now back in her rightful place at home with us, day and night.'


'My dog Jack died a week ago last Wednesday (9th May) and we used the AWL cremation service.  We were very distressed by his death although he was an old dog and it wasn’t unexpected.  I would like to thank Nicole for her sympathy and the way she dealt with the details, and the way the cremation as a whole was handled.

The urn that Jack came back in is nice enough for us to keep his ashes until we feel ready to scatter them, and the card and details that came back with them were a very nice and comforting touch.

Thank you to everyone involved.'


'Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since our little man past and I would just like to give my heart felt thanks to the care and understanding given to us at our time of loss. A special thanks to David at AWL Edinburgh Nth who took care of his needs and to listen to me when I picked him up. Thankyou all so much.​'


'I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all that prepare the cremations.

Unfortunately our family cat Memoo had to go to sleep on the 4th May and you guys took her into your caring hands and delivered our furbaby back to us with such love.

We picked her up at the vet and she was presented to us so beautifully. I purchased the cat shaped urn and it's just beautiful . Suits our mumma puss so much. And having the urn in a velvet bag with a candle, her little nose and paw print done, a piece of her fur, plus the lovely cards and personal touch eg. (the ashes prepared by Susan note ) that came with the package is so well done and it is a very special touch.

This is a very touching thought for people at this hard time.

Keep up the good work guys !

Thank you once again.'


'Sadly, I have just collected the ashes of my beloved dog Alpha which were returned to my vet after Alpha being sent to you on Tuesday for individual cremation.

I just want to thank you for the speed and way his ashes were returned.  It was very reassuring to receive the note which said that his body was respectfully dealt with by a particular person (Ashlee) and I appreciated the certificate guaranteeing that these were indeed his ashes. I am glad that by supporting your cremation service that we were able to help other rescue animals. Alpha was a rescued dog himself and it is good to think that his death somehow helped a new generation of dogs needing help.'


'We recently lost our dog Bella. She was cremated at your facility and I wanted to say a big thankyou for how her ashes where presented to us. The paw print in a frame with her name was a very lovely touch at a very sad time for us. We miss her everyday but love looking at the memento we received from you.'


'Thank you so much for the love and care you provided when creating such a wonderful cremation memorial for our dear Sally.

We shall treasure it always!'


'Dear Zena we would sincerely like to thank you for the wonderful manner you transferred our beautiful Andre from home Tuesday. Your manner, love and care was much appreciated. The way you sat by him, talked and touched him was wonderful. You carried him to your car with much care and it gave us so much comfort knowing he was in your care.

Zena you have so much love, care, compassion and kindness and you certainly are in the right vocation. Keep up your loving attitude and we wish you many years of happiness.'