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Commemorative jewellery is subtle and personal way to keep your beloved pet close to your heart wherever you go. The pet cremation jewellery pieces are carefully designed to hold a small amount of your pets ashes and are the perfect accompaniment to an urn or scatter container.

All jewellery is available upon request.

Silver and Gold Plated Stainless Steel Cremation Beads

Commemorate your Memories

Memorial wall and garden

You can honor your beloved pet at the AWL by placing their ashes in our Memorial wall. An engraved plaque with personalised wording will be mounted on the wall.

Paw or hoof 3D impressions

Create a lasting memory of the impression your treasured pet has made on your life with a solid 3D impression. Just like people, all animals have a unique paw or hoof pattern and a personalised 3D impression is a unique way to keep your pet's memory with you forever.

Memorial stones and outdoor urns

Memorial stones and outdoor urns are a special way to preserve and honour your pet's ashes in a significant outdoor location at home. Memorial stones act as a marker in a special place in the ground while outdoor urns are portable and contain the ashes of your beloved pet.

Framed print impressions

Just as a finger print is unique to each of us, an ink impression of your pet's paw or hoof is an individual representation of them. Printed with solid blank ink onto a special card, you can frame or mount this impression as you prefer.