AWL Connect + Protect

Low-cost pet microchipping service

The AWL is excited to announce that the Connect and Protect project has officialy launched!

With the aim of helping people, pets and the community by delivering a low-cost mobile microchipping service that will see the AWL travel to regions across the state to reaching people with limited access to low cost veterinary services. 


Edinburgh North Microchipping Day - BOOKINGS FULL

Limited walk in appointments available on the day*


Patience is will be required and wait times may vary for walk in appointments

  • Microchipping is a permanent form of ID and ensures that pets are identified for life
  • Provided that their owner details are kept up to date, they ensure that pets can quickly be reunited with their owners if lost.
  • Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and the procedure is similar to vaccination.
  • Microchipped dogs are generally eligible for a rebate on council registration.
  • Microchips cannot fall off unlike collars and other forms of ID.

As the operator of South Australia’s largest pet shelter and re-homing centre, we know how beneficial a microchip can be. Many Council officers and veterinary practitioners can scan lost animals and contact the owner directly, therefore reducing the trauma of having a missing pet as well as the stress of impounding the animal. 

This project seeks to make microchipping accessible and affordable to those with limited means who value the companionship that a pet provides. According to the Pet Ownership Survey 2013 (the survey), pets outnumber people in Australia with 63% of Australian households home to a companion animal. The survey also estimates that 200,000 dogs and cats are not microchipped in South Australia, based on registration information.

The urgent need for this community service was reinforced with the passing of Dog and Cat Management Amendment Bill in SA Parliament. Changes to the Act will require all dogs and cat owners to microchip their pet by a future date. 

Targeted programs, like the AWL Connect and Protect – Mobile Pet Microchipping Service will assist the community to comply with the change for little to no cost thus reducing the likelihood of families needing to pay fines and even surrender their beloved pet.

By taking the service to the community we can also increase the awareness of responsible pet ownership strategies, including other forms of appropriate identification, desexing and generally keeping pets safe and healthy. 

The AWL would like to thank the Fund My Community grant program and all the all of the people who voted for our project. Without this support the Connect and Protect would not be possible.

There are multiple microchip databases in Australia so please check microchip details/microchip subscription form to contact the appropriate organisation.

The AWL currently use Central Animal Records

Upcoming Events

Edinburgh North Microchipping Day- BOOKINGS FULL

When: 9:00am 13th May to 4:00pm Where: AWL Edinburgh North, 4 Hewittson Road Edinburgh North SA 5112