Foster Program

COVID-19 Update
We still need foster carers, so please apply. We may take longer than usual to touch base with you about your expression of interest. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

The AWL Foster Program provides assistance to dogs and cats through temporary care in a suitable nurturing home, with committed and trained Foster Carers. This creates a safe place so that fostered dogs and cats are able to grow, heal and socialise in preparation for adoption

Dogs and cats in the AWL Foster Program requiring temporary care include:

  • Puppies and kittens that are too young for adoption
  • Pregnant dogs and cats
  • Malnourished animals
  • Animals that are recovering from surgical procedures

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Carer?


Ali's daughter and foster kitten having a snuggle

"There are so many things that I enjoy about being a foster carer.  First is the obvious, getting to spend lots of time with CUTE LITTLE KITTENS!!  More importantly, I like being able to help give these little souls the best start to life I can, and the best chance of being able to integrate into a family of their own.  I have young children and there are so many lessons for them to learn by being involved in caring and providing for the kittens.

There are opportunities for them to learn about responsibility, about what baby animals need but also, and perhaps most important of all, lessons about altruism - selflessly doing something for another just because we can, because someone or something else needs our help.  That said, the kittens inevitably enrich our lives just as much as we (aim) to enrich theirs. 

Being a foster carer does require time for the less glamorous things, like cleaning up after them and feeding them.  Keeping a close eye on them if a medical issue arises can be emotional and worrying, BUT...the fun stuff is REALLY fun like play, cuddle and sleepy times on comfy laps.  I would have to say, I thoroughly enjoy our end of day cuddles on the couch while I'm having a cup of tea and watching something on TV.  Aside from the occasional trip to the vet if needed, the kittens spend their entire time with us living just like our pets so it's always sad to see them go.  However, knowing that we've helped to shape them into lovely pets for a family of their own, giving these little hearts the chance they may otherwise not have had, is really rewarding." - Ali