Face to Face Fundraising

The Animal Welfare League of SA has recruited the agency, Broader Business Solutions to conduct Face to Face fundraising. You may have seen some of our fundraisers on the streets and shopping centres. They work in and around Adelaide to recruit donors who support the AWL with their regular donations on a long-term basis.

Face to Face fundraising has come under the spotlight of the media during recent times and we would like to address common misconceptions of the campaign.

Our Face to Face fundraisers will be located at the Walkerville Crossing at 104 Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville on the week commencing 3 June 2019.

Face to Face fundraising has been proven to be the most cost-effective method of acquiring regular supporters by personally engaging them to identify with the mission of the organisation. By inspiring the members of the public with passionate conversations helps us gain attention to our cause and in turn, it gives donors the opportunity to support us with their periodic donations. The AWL has decided to conduct Face to Face fundraising only in shopping centres and streets. You will not be exposed to any fundraisers at your doorstep.

The AWL does not rely on government funding for our mission to care for the lost, abandoned and surrendered animals. We solely rely on support from people who have confidence in the work we do. Regular, long term donations are important as it allows us to budget for the future of our programmes.

The AWL decided on Broader Business Solutions after following a due diligence procedure that helped us in evaluating the best suitable agency that will be able to uphold our organisation to the high standards we adopt for all our services and comply with all relevant workplace laws.

We also only work with the agency that’s a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) who enforce guidelines to ensure the professionalism of fundraising is maintained.

Fundraising agencies are specialised in providing fundraising solutions and they are equipped with high expertise. This ensures in the sustainability of the fundraising campaign.

Unfortunately, the Animal Welfare League of SA isn’t in the position to coordinate a Face to Face fundraising programme by employing volunteers. Analysis also showed that it would be considerably more expensive for us to initiate an in-house campaign with the resources we currently have available. 

All of the donor’s donation are received and processed by the AWL. As with any other service provider, we pay an established fee to the fundraising agency for the Face to Face campaign they coordinated.

The AWL has fundraising teams working in streets and shopping centres in and around Adelaide throughout the year. The AWL has decided not to conduct door-to-door fundraising.

We will also be updating the locations of the fundraising teams on a weekly basis.

You can identify our fundraisers by the following:

  • Official ID badge: They will be wearing an official ID badge that includes the photograph and name of the fundraiser, unique identification number, name of the fundraising agency that has hired them to work on our behalf, Animal Welfare League of SA logo, Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) logo and identification that they are a “PAID COLLECTOR”.
  • Uniform: They will be wearing an Animal Welfare League of SA branded T shirt.
  • iPad: They will be only using an iPad to record donor details and securely store them.
  • Thank You pack: New donors will receive an Animal Welfare League of SA branded Thank You pack that show our appreciation for agreeing to support on a regular, long-term basis. This may include a Thank You card, By Your Side magazine, bookmarks and magnets.

If you are concerned about a fundraiser that you’ve recently spoken to, please contact our Fundraising team at (08) 7089 2982 or (08) 7089 2948.

Unfortunately, no. For the security of our Face to Face fundraisers, we don’t accept cash, cheque or any other donations of toys and treats.

The donor’s debit or credit card details will be securely stored before it’s transferred to the AWL’s database. The agency or the Face to Face fundraiser will not use or save any of the donor’s details.

The Animal Welfare League of SA takes feedback seriously. Please feel free to ring our Fundraising Team at (08) 7089 2982 or (08) 7089 2948 with any concerns. You can also email the AWL at fundraising@awlsa.com.au.