Fundraising for AWL

AWL relies on individuals and organisations to be generous and create ways of raising funds in the community. If you’d like to do some fundraising with AWL’s work as your focus, thank you!

All the work we do for cats and dogs is funded by community donations, and we promise to put your fundraising dollars to the best and most effective use.

If you want to raise cash, that’s perfect.

It means we can put your fundraising to the most effective care needed for the pets in our care.

There are lots of ideas for raising money, we’re sure you’ve come up with a winning idea already.

Organising your own fundraiser or event is easier than you may think and AWL’s fundraising team is always keen to hear about what you’re planning. We’ll help to make it a success and support you if you need help.

Make it official and let us know

Please let us know about what you’re planning so that:

  • we know about it
  • we can check it meets fundraising rules and laws
  • we agree with how you will use our name and logo
  • we can help you make it a success

Download the application form or contact us with questions at

Application Form

If you want to collect physical things

We are always in need of toys and treats to keep cats and dogs happy and to help with training where needed.

We prefer this to donated food or blankets. Our food is provided by our generous partner at Purina and pets don’t like having their diet changed. The blankets we use are designed to wash easily and cost-effectively. So please help us by choosing toys, treats and cash as the best things to donate!