Yes, I want to help vulnerable animals get back on their paws

What would you do if you saw a dog like Poppy? A sorry bundle of wet fur, scared, soaking wet and running down the street in a storm?

Poppy was found outside the Animal Welfare League by Dog Coordinator Amanda as she arrived for work. Amanda did what any animal lover would do. She saved this poor little soul before she was washed away in the storm.

Poppy had obviously been homeless for a long time and under all the soggy fur, she was really poorly. It was the loving support of people like you that gave Poppy the urgent veterinary treatment she needed.

The vet, Dr Michelle, said “I was amazed how sweet this little angel was after everything she had been though. Behind all the dirt, fear and pain lies a very special little dog with a heart of gold. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will have a loyal friend for life.”

Today, thanks to the generosity of animal lovers, Poppy now lives with Emma, a devoted foster mum, while she waits to find her forever home. Emma says, “Poppy was very shut down at the shelter, she wouldn’t really let anyone near her and would give a little warning bark if you got too close. That all changed once I took her home though, and after 30 minutes she had pretty much made herself at home and decided that my lap was hers!”

Poppy is still shy and it will take time for her to fully recover from her trauma and find a forever family. But she knows she can count on you to care for her until the very moment she leaves.

If you’re able, please consider making a kind gift today to provide love and care for animals like Poppy.

Poor Poppy was soaking wet and terrified when we found her. She's doing so much better now!

Donate today to give dogs like Poppy a bright future full of love

A perfect storm brought Poppy to AWL and put her on the road to recovery. But if it wasn’t for kind people like you she might still be on the street. She’d still be scared, alone and in pain, desperately trying to run from the deafening thunder.

It takes a great deal of time, veterinary treatment, food, medicine and loving care to help these dogs overcome their injuries and fears. But it’s worth every minute.

You are part of an amazing network: both in the shelter and in homes across SA. We all share the same sadness at seeing a dog in pain. We are all driven to look after them. We all want to give every animal a chance at life in the sun – a chance they all deserve. A gift from you today is a second chance at life. A time to learn what it is like to be loved and cared for. A doorway to a new home and a forever family.

There are hundreds of animals in our shelter at the moment. It’s a struggle to care for them in the way need to us to. A donation from you today will make sure no animal goes without the food, shelter and vet care they need. The love, of course, is free!