Lost Pet Report


  1. Notify your local council
  2. Create an account below to lodge a Lost Pet Report that will be published on our website - This is used the help the AWL identify and match lost and found pets
  3. Contact your local/family and after hours vet, and visit animal shelters:  AWL 8348 1300 and the RSPCA 1300 477 722
  4. Visit the Lost Pets of South Australia Facebook Page
  5. Post a photo, description, location and details on social media including lost pet pages
  6. Print off ‘Lost’ flyers of your pet, add your contact details and place around your local area including shopping centres - You can do this from you Lost Pet listing
  7. Check in with your neighbours, local schools, shopping centres and other nearby locations
  8. Make sure if your pet is microchipped that the details are up-to-date

If someone makes contact with you that they have found your pet please request a current photo before proceeding further.


How to Create a Lost Pet Report

We're sorry that your pet is missing and hope they're found soon. Please lodge your 'Lost Pet Report' by creating a new account in the below window (this is separate to any existing accounts you may have on our website).

Lost Pet Report