Your peace of mind

When the time comes to say goodbye to your faithful companion, our compassionate and caring team will be there to support you.

Our IAOPCC-accredited cremation and memorial team will ensure your beloved pet is treated as if they were their own, with the utmost dignity, care and respect.

For your peace of mind, our quality control systems track your pet's journey each step of the way to ensure their ashes safely make their way either home to you or back to the earth.

100% of the profits from our pet cremation service assist with saving the lives of vulnerable animals. Choosing AWL to farewell your pet provides food, shelter, love and support to the thousands of animals in need that come through our doors each year, ensuring they get to experience the same love you gave your pet.

Please note that we are unable to euthanise an animal that is not in our care. Please speak to your vet if this is a service you require. You can view a list of vets in your area here.