What to do if I lose my dog?

Having a pet go missing is never an easy experience but there are some important steps you can take to help ensure you are reunited quickly.

The AWL has partnerships with a number of Councils to provide pound facilities for lost and stray dogs. Stray dogs cared for by the AWL cannot be released without Councils authorisation and the AWL has no discretion to vary Councils impound and release procedures. Please follow these steps if you have lost your pet:

Step 1

  • Please view the Stray Dog listing below to check if your pet has been found by the Council or has been brought to the AWL.
  • If you find your dog please click on the pet profile and follow the details on how to collect them.

Step 2

PLEASE NOTE: The AWL partners with various councils across Adelaide to care for your pet while impounded by the council. Please ensure you contact your local council regarding your lost pet.

Stray Pets